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Blue-Power 4/6/8 OBD-CAN

Product code: [SM010,SM030]


Blue Power is a sequential injection system from 1 to 8 cylinders. IV generation LPG/CNG/PROPANE/NATURAL GAS the most advanced unit in the world. Works with sequential or semi-sequential gasoline systems. Heart of the ECU is 16-bit 120 MHz DSP controller that work with speed of 30 MIPS (1 MIPS == 1 000 000 operations per second). ECU can work with OBD-CAN connection for better mixture settings.












ellect. SM010


Key features:

  • Automatic switchover to LPG/CNG.

  • Automatic switchover back to gasoline when empty tank.

  • 3 tuning options:

    • - without map - for beginners.

    • - 2D varible map (1x16 points) - for average users.

    • - 3D varible map (8x16 points) - for advanced users.

  • 2 x rpm input (input 2 varible 0-14 VDC) for better rpm signal measurement.

  • Turbo engines support.

  • Sequential emulator.

  • Lambda support.

  • Advanced injector options - configuration, diagnostics and heating. Every injector calibrated individually.

  • Compatible with any type of level sensor (resistance, hall, V, etc.). Pre-defined and user-defined options

  • Minimum and maximum pressure setting.

  • Minimum and maximum rpm + advanced options.

  • Minimum and maximum injection time.

  • 8 defined temperature sensors.

  • 6 defined pressure sensors.

  • 7 defined map sensors.

  • Automatic mapping.

  • Automatic 3D mapping petrol/LPG-CNG-GPL

  • Automatic 3D mapping OBD-CAN (OBD-CAN version).

  • Reading OBD errors (OBD-CAN version).

  • Erasing OBD errors (OBD-CAN version).

  • Reading OBD parameters (OBD-CAN version).


  •  CAN 250k 11 BIT

  •  CAN 250k 29 BIT

  •  CAN 500k 11 BIT

  •  CAN 500k 29 BIT

  • Pressure algorithms for velvetronic engines (no throttle).

  • Service option setting after ... km.

  • LPG/CNG and reducer temp. corrections.

  • External relay driver (can be use for fuel pump cut).

  • Advanced LPG/CNG injectors heating.

  • Mazda generation v.4 filter - Mazda problems solved!

  • Advanced switch filter.

  • Start directly on LPG/CNG option.

  • Adjustable control panel brightness and volume.


  • Sequence visualisation in real time.

  • Self diagnostic and error codes memory.

  • ECE R10.03, R67 and R110 certified

TUVE8 cert.



We wish you a lot of conversions with Blue Power.